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Yolanda and her law

If Yolanda were alive today she would be wowing us all.  She was articulate, engaging, moving, smart and courageous.  And she, like many other young people, battled an illness that can bring formidable challenges. There are many other young people who are … Continue reading Yolanda and her law

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Diagnosing very young children

According to the journal report, young children are being diagnosed more frequently. According to parents in our report, a large percentage of children, later diagnosed with mental health disorders, show symptoms quite early. Continue reading

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Say it right

One of the greatest challenges faced by families and advocates alike is finding the “right” vocabulary.  If you use the right words, your message will be clearly heard and, hopefully, welcomed by the listener.  Words are powerful things.  With certain terms, we … Continue reading Say it right

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Them’s Fighting Words

Parents often call their experiences with the children’s mental health system “war stories.”  Others talk about being “in the trenches” or describe how they “battled” the school system or “fought” to get services.  Other parents, listening to these accounts, nod their … Continue reading Them’s Fighting Words

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We Don’t Call Them “Wait Lists”

Every parent knows what it’s like to wait for that call back from the doctor when your child’s fever has jumped into the stratosphere.  Or the call that tells you what the strep culture showed or if the x-ray revealed … Continue reading We Don’t Call Them “Wait Lists”

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