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Calling for mobile crisis

A huge percentage of mental health crises occur at home. The parent sees what sets things off, usually knows what isn’t going to work ahead of time and can judge what’s outside of their own ability to handle things. So, they call in reinforcements. Continue reading

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Who’s the expert here?

So what makes an expert, well, an expert?  It’s certainly a step up from just knowing a lot or being acquainted with the facts.  According to the dictionary, an expert has skills or knowledge that’s gained from training or experience.   Usually, those … Continue reading Who’s the expert here?

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Linking to effective care?

You go to the appointment (especially if you’ve waited for weeks) with first hope, then determination. You might wonder why someone thought this was a good match for your child or your family. You begin to think that even online dating services offer a better profile of what you are getting into. Continue reading

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