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Mental health parity and kids — has it helped?

Ten years is certainly enough time to tell if any law has made a difference. What parity is supposed to do is simply ensure that your insurance covers your mental health treatment just as it does your medical treatment: same deductible, same authorizations, same copayments. Our parity law of 2000 was limited in scope — many called it partial parity. Does that mean it only partly helped? Continue reading

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Facing Up To Barriers

It was a short survey and was available for only 6 weeks. 471 parents rushed to respond and about half wrote comments, told stories and vented about how tough it was to not only get services but to even find out about them. Continue reading

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10 Things Families Want Residential Providers to Know

With this in mind, our presentation also included a top ten list called, “Ten Things Parents Want Residential Providers to Know.” This list is a result of many heartfelt conversations, moments of humor and often exasperation shared by dozens of parents over the years. Continue reading

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