Crisis Guide
This handbook is designed to provide families with step-by-step instructions and suggestions in order to be well prepared for a mental health crisis involving their children. This was written by three parents, Marian Butler, Carol Gramm and Lisa Lambert in 1998, and is available in English and Spanish.

Download the Crisis Book – English
Download the Crisis Book – Spanish

The Police Pocket Guide
There is currently a need for police across the country to improve strategies in de-escalating mental health crises and gain greater knowledge about community services.

Now available in two versions, pocket size and a brochure, the objective of the Police Pocket Guide to Responding to Youths with Mental Disorders is to raise awareness of the prevalence of mental health challenges in youth, and show the positive difference an educated first responder can make in diverting youth from jails or hospitals. The Police Pocket Guide was developed by two mothers in Massachusetts to provide law enforcement officers, legal professionals, and other first responders with specific tools, techniques, and resources on responding to and working with youth with mental health needs and their families. It includesĀ  information on various mental health disorders and medications, specific tips on working with this population, and national and state resources.

Download the Police Pocket Guide abbreviated version