Knowledge is Power

We’ve often heard the phrase that “knowledge is power”, and how that statement rings true when dealing with a behaviorally or emotionally challenged child in our lives. In order to make an informed decision on her/his behalf, first and foremost, we must be informed.

My daughter revealed long‐term abuse when she was just in the beginning years of high school. These years should have been the best time of her young life. Instead she suffered from severe PTSD and would spend years in and out of hospitals and outpatient programs. Each time she had an episode that resulted in hospitalization, I became a little more knowledgeable about treatments, counseling styles and most importantly, medications. But the single most important decision I ever made was joining the PPAL support group. It was here that my knowledge and information would grow each time I attended.

These meetings would provide an atmosphere where I no longer felt we were different from other families. As a parent, I would come to realize that I was not alone and that many of us had similar experiences. We would share stories of sorrow, helplessness, & failures…truths that we all lived from day to day. But more importantly we would also hear messages of learning, encouragement, hope, and success. We communed with each other to provide emotional support or just a sounding board to bounce around ideas and suggestions. Today I’m able to look back and see how truly valuable these meetings were to my survival, to my peace of mind, and to my identity as a father. I’m happy to say that my daughter is now one of those success stories!

—by Glenn C., Tuesday night PPAL group