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The Night Before School Ends

December 21st, 2011

Twas the night before school break and all through the house,

My awake dogs are wondering if it’s a child or a mouse.

The children are ready for the transition to begin

In hopes of finished schedules and mommy to chime in.

The schools will soon close for a break and a rest

And I will hope for transitions to work out for the best.

It will balance fun, with appointments to drive to

In hopes that I’ll get there without wounds to attend to.

My week will have bumps and meltdowns will arrive

But my phone will be ready to call MCI.

If my supports are all ready with tricks and ideas

I will be safe to survive the teenage years.

I’ll dance and I’ll sing with humor around

In hopes that my daughter is homeward bound.

To make her brothers laugh and bounce back to fun

Cause she’ll show them her funny face then she’ll run.

It will all work out as it does every year

But this one is tricky because of the teenage gear.

As the break happens,  you wonder how to survive

Remember there’s one thing  you can continue to drive —

The supports that you need and friends close and dear

So that you will be able to move through the year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Holidays will happen if you want them alright.

Keep your smile intact so you continue to glow

My children, like yours, will teach us to grow.

Happy Holidays to you and to you a goodnight…

Meri Viano is our guest blogger.  She is the parent of two sons and a daughter who will be home during school break.

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