Journey of Change

I once knew a young boy who thought he had lost everything. About 4 years ago, this young boy was put on medicine. He took different meds on and off but felt they did not really help his life. He continued to have ups and downs.  At times, he would end up in medical care.  He was put in a hospital because of his medication which was not fair at all. What’s more this wasn’t a hospital that was a fuzzy and happy hospital. It was gloomy and dark.

Finally, he got stronger and he was able to get out and had all the right meds that would help him. It all changed and life started to get brighter. One small change would lead to the many that would come next. This changed his attitude, his behavior, his mind and allowed it all to change for a “good” portion of the time.

If it wasn’t for that medication and all the help that he received no one would know the nice, kind and strong boy who came out, the boy that he was and whom he continues to be. That young boy has now turned into a young leader, a teenage youth and an inspiration.  He is also the one that has moved home after 7 hospitals, 3 years of residential and over 25 different medications.  Finally after this journey this young youth would become a youth voice for change in both the foster care system and mental health system.

This journey is mine and I continue every day to make it.

—Nico, 16 years old