Our Families Say 5

Just the other day, I was asked by a therapist where I find my drive to keep moving forward to support my children. At that moment, I was not able to give a clear answer. At that moment, I was acutely feeling that I was burnt out, depleted and had nothing left to give. At that moment, the best answer that I could give her was, “I don’t know.”

Since then, I have had this conversation spinning around in the back of my head. Where do I get the drive to keep moving? Where do I get the drive to dust myself off to move forward each and every day?

After pondering on this for a bit, the light bulb flashed bringing my focus back to a memory that has never left me.  My first child was three weeks old and it was a warm beautiful day out. My husband was in the yard doing some work and I had come out on the deck to chat with him, bringing the baby with me.  We spoke to each other about how having our child felt as though it was what we were meant to do. How it completed and grounded us. How right it felt.

This is the feeling and memory that I gain my strength to keep moving forward. This is the feeling that gave me strength through each step of our journey so far, and will give me strength for the coming steps of our journey.

“How I felt as a parent: then and now”
–Mary, parent of four children and Family Support Specialist