Coping Skills

I am an adopted 21-year-old with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Because of this, I also have some self-esteem issues. It can be hard to be me, especially when I’m trying to do school and things like that. It can be difficult sometimes to convince myself that I’m worth it, that I deserve success. I also don’t generally like to be alone. As a result, I have developed several coping skills throughout the years to help me deal with life.

One of the ways I deal with these things and try to help myself out is through my writing. I first got into creative writing in eighth grade, when my great-grandfather died. One of my ways of dealing with this was to write a song about it. It was kind of a cheesy song, not very good in my opinion, but it was helpful for me at the time, and it is how I came to like writing outside of school. I have written many poems and several short stories since then, as well as a couple of songs. However, I generally consider my poetry to be my best work, when I can find inspiration.

Another way that I try to help myself out is by listening to music. I am a huge fan of the TV show Glee and I spend a lot of my time outside school and work listening to the soundtracks. This is particularly helpful when I’m home alone and need to focus on getting my work done. I also tend to try to listen to radio stations that play a lot of different types of music, because if it’s all one kind of music, like classical, I will get bored with it and end up tuning it out, which sort of defeats the purpose. I usually prefer music that is upbeat but not inappropriate or offensive, so I don’t normally listen to hip hop or rap. Mostly I listen to pop, rock, and Glee.

Probably the best way I help myself out is that I spend a lot of time with my parents and my best friend. It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing, whether it’s eating dinner together, watching a show, or, in the case of my best friend, even just texting each other back and forth during the day. It’s always very helpful and puts me in a good mood. They are also instrumental in helping me overcome my emotional and self-esteem issues. They have helped me get through so many things over the years that I’m not really sure what I would do without them. I am extremely grateful to have them in my life.