Our Families Say 6

We all have experienced anxiety at one time or another. Imagine experiencing that anxiety on a daily basis and having an Autism Spectrum Disorder such as Asperger’s Syndrome. Now imagine that scenario as a 10 year old boy. How do I as his mother help soothe his thoughts and calm down enough for him to get to sleep at night and stay sleeping? When will the cycle end of his worrying about when the next natural disaster will strike and if it will affect him, his family, or his friends? Whatever the anxiety provoking situation may be, it is hard to watch such a young person deal with such huge issues!

As the parent of a child with a social and emotional disability tangled with anxiety, I realized that just therapy was not enough. I was faced one day with the decision of what to do to help him with his anxiety – going beyond therapy. This ever agonizing step, which so many parents like me are faced with,….MEDICATION!!

When no one’s words, suggestions, books, meditation help curb your child’s anxiety so that he becomes functional again and able to be a kid again, what are we to do? Try medication and see what happens.That is what I did! It has been 5 months and 3 different medications have been tried. We began by starting out at the lowest doses and increasing as needed. Then there was weaning off one medication that was wreaking havoc on his little body, while introducing a new one. The first two medications induced migraines that were debilitating and caused a total of 16 days out of school within the 2 months. Now the third one is doing well with no migraines, but is causing depression.

Should I increase the dosage to deal with the depression? Oh boy, now who has anxiety along with her son?! The story continues, and the need for a lot of hope, faith and prayers for a better year for my little guy!

— Rose, a parent of two children