Music is…

for music blurbMusic is an escape. When I am upset, I put my headphones in and close my eyes. With music, I can let go of the troubles of the day, and focus on the rhythm of the music flowing into my ears. My depression, anxiety and anger seem to float away, even if only for a few moments. It takes me to a happier, more peaceful place, where my worrying and doubt fade. The music soothes my mind, and opens my soul.

Music has been an incredibly wonderful outlet for me ever since I was a small child. My father and I used to sit in my room, put the stereo on, and rock out to country, R&B, and rock music. It was always a good bonding experience for the two of us.

As much as I love listening to music, I also love to sing. Performing is something that both excites me and relaxes me. Writing my own songs allows me to release negative emotions, as well as share my visions with my words. Music is my one true getaway.

Rachel is a young adult who has aspired to be a writer her whole life, She lives at home with her mother, father, and 6 wonderful animals.


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