Self Care

Self CareI recently began exploring self-care. I have a tendency of letting my daily stressors, anxiety and depression build up until everything inevitably comes out, explosively, taking myself and everyone within a 5 foot radius for a long and bumpy ride. I am always so concerned with what everyone else is going through and making sure that they have the support that they need and I forget that I am also a person who deserves her own concern and attention.

Self-care looks different to everyone. Some people take walks, some drink tea or meditate. I still don’t know what it looks like for me, as this is still a fairly new concept. I do know that spending time with my pets and significant other, watching silly movies and writing has been incredibly cathartic so far.

I am learning that in order to be the best support for others, I have to be in a good space. That means I should be able to take a step back and assess how I’m doing mentally, emotionally and physically. Hopefully, with the implementation of self-care, I can build a healthier lifestyle for myself and practice what I preach.

Chandra Watts is a young adult who draws on her own life to change how the world sees mental illness.  She is one of the founding members of Youth MOVE Massachusetts.