kittenI have never lived a day in my life where I did not have a pet. I don’t think of them as just animals. My dogs and cats are truly my best friends. They don’t talk back, don’t judge and they are loyal companions. I can confide in my animals, and even though they don’t talk, I feel a hundred pounds lighter because they just listen. Animals just want love (and some food too!) They don’t expect you to be perfect, they just want your attention.

Animals have been proved to be therapeutic, and I completely agree. When I’m having a rough day, I climb in bed with my animals, and they cuddle my sadness away. They know when you are upset. When I’m crying my dogs rush to my side to be with me. I love them unconditionally and they love me the same.

Even though sometimes I get angry at them, when I cool down they come running back to me. It makes me believe that they understand us more than we understand them, and that is a wonderful thing.

Rachel is a young adult who has aspired to be a writer her whole life, She lives at home with her mother, father, and 6 wonderful animals.