We Wear This Stigma Like Vampires

vampireThey say we are vampires, sucking all that we can from the life around,

Darkening the corners of the room with our minds,

Hiding ourselves from the harsh light of day, because that is what we are made to do.

They say we are nothing good, keep your kids away from us, what we have is contagious,

What we have, it can kill you too.

They blame us for our tendencies, they blame us for our destruction,

Though it’s only us who’ve been destroyed.


These perceptions of danger, this fear of a life that we did not choose,

Burns like the sunlight on the skin of those of us who dare to venture out.

But even the prettiest diamonds have to go through the dark

To become beautiful.


And maybe this life that we would not have chosen, given the choice,

Will serve as a light for those who are still shrouded.

For we are only a product of our making, and

Even the darkest of beings can offer something of extraordinary beauty

To a world biased against them.

Dani is a 24 year old college student and mental health advocate living with bipolar disorder.  She enjoys writing poetry and singing, as well as being the proud parent of 2 adorable felines.