Will it Turn from use to Abuse?

cigaretteFirst it becomes a habit, then it becomes an addiction, then sooner or later, it gets you 6 feet under the ground. At some point, we all thought it was cool when we were doing it with our friends and using it as a stress reliever. But we all know there are better coping skills to relieve grief, stress, and other emotions. The world we live in is losing young, intelligent minds just because they see someone doing drugs on the street, or in their homes, or even through the television and media. It’s so sad how many young lives are getting taken by these drugs- k2, heroin, crack, cocaine. It’s also sad that people make nicknames for these mind killers, these life takers, because that’s all they do- kill your brain cells, make you sick, and most important of all, they will always end up killing you.

So to all those young, smart, and strong people- before you pop another pill, shoot another needle, or roll another joint, think about how it’s affecting you, affecting your brain, and affecting all your loved ones around you. Each time you do one of these things, it kills you just a little bit more. The one substance I don’t get is weed (also known as marijuana). People say they use it as a coping skill because it relieves the stress, but just remember that just the smallest amount of weed still can have a bad effect on your body. You are better off going for a walk, listening to some music, and just going to the gym to burn off some of that stressful energy.

People say drugs are a mechanism to relieve stress or whatever. But if you get the support through friends, family, or professionals who know what they are doing, you can find ways and coping skills to ease away from drugs, pills, or alcohol.

This was written by a young adult who wishes to be anonymous but has been an active member of Youth MOVE  Massachusetts for a number of years.


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