Coming out of Hibernation

flowersWhat is your favorite part of winter? The snow? The skiing and snowboarding? The days off school?

My favorite part of winter is when it’s over. Winter feels like a punishment to me. I work so hard to get outside, exercise my arthritic joints, get that vitamin D doctors are always hassling me about, and just get out of the house in general (easier said than done). I feel like winter rips that away from me. I struggle with the shorter days and cold, bitter air freezing my lungs and joints.  I end up forcing myself out of bed in the morning, knowing full well that I will probably slither back under that fortress of blankets like a polar bear in her den. What’s the point of going out when I can hide in bed all day?

I long for that first day where I can hear the birds and walk outside without dreading the cold. My chronic physical illnesses on top of my mental health challenges make it really hard to get motivated and the snow is like a flashing neon sign telling me to give up before I’ve even gotten up. It bullies me into avoiding self-care and socialization. I try my best to fight that blanket of snow each morning, sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t.  What matters is that I try. Even if I end up back in bed, I know that I fought the winter blues. I’ll beat them some day.

Lucy is young adult that loves art, drawing and writing. Their favorite pet is their rats that help with anxiety. Lucy loves to help other youth and continue to advocate for system change.