Celebrate our 25th anniversary with us!

FamilyPPAL 25th Anniversary

In 2016, PPAL turns 25 and we are celebrating all year. PPAL began in 1991 when a few parents, professionals and staff from the Department of Mental Health began a family-run project to respond to the challenges that families identified. That year, PPAL’s first director was hired and soon 10 support groups sprang up across the state. These groups were where families shared information, support and advocacy, the basis for family peer-to-peer support today.

Throughout the year, PPAL will host exciting events throughout the state. Look in our calendar of events to find topical speakers, local authors and other fun events to attend and enjoy.

Check out our Pinterest page where you’ll find pictures of events from the last 25 years as well as some of the people who have strengthened family voice over the years. Throughout the year we will feature pictures highlighting special moments on Facebook for Throwback Thursdays.

Please send us your memories and pictures, too! Just email them to info@ppal.net.