State Agencies and Programs

Mother with daughter meeting teacher in schoolDepartment of Mental Health currently serves about 27,000 adults, adolescents and children through an array of inpatient and community-based services, such as residential and intensive residential services, case management and community support in six areas of the state.

Department of Children and Families has a core mandate to strengthen families, where child abuse or neglect has occurred. There are currently more than 8,000 children in foster care across Massachusetts and more than 40,000 children in all served by the Department. 85% of all children receiving DCF services remain in their home.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education works with more than 350 local school districts to improve public education and provide educational programs and services.

Bureau of Substance Abuse Services oversees the substance abuse and gambling prevention and treatment services in the Commonwealth, including programs for adolescents.

Department of Youth Services is the juvenile justice agency and operates more than 80 programs for youth in its care, ranging from locked units to community programs.

Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative is an interagency intiative for children receiving MassHealth, resulting from a class action lawsuit resulting in a range of home and community based programs for children and youth.