Trainings for Youth

FSS STAY picturePPAL has a Youth MOVE Massachusetts chapter with over 75 active members. They are young leaders engaged in driving policy, conducting outreach to other young adults and ensuring that youth voice is present in youth activities. In addition to direct peer-to-peer support, our youth offer trainings to other youth and young adults in how to share their stories effectively without compromising their privacy or safety (see below for Strategic Sharing) The Crisis Box workshop helps youth manage through difficult periods of emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. (see below for Box Up The Stress)

Strategic Sharing is designed for youth and young adults with lived experience such as mental health challenges, involvement with juvenile justice, and school challenges.   This peer-to-peer training empowers youth to share their stories in a way that is effective, but does not compromise their safety.  The training was designed by the Foster Care Alumni of America, but has been adapted slightly to address the environment   of mental healthcare in which our youth live.

Box Up The Stress: An Interactive Crisis Box workshop was developed by a Peer Leader to help youth and young adults build their Crisis Box to use in an event of a stressful situation or shift in mood.  This workshop  shows how creativity can be harnessed to reduce stress and provide an excellent method of emotional management, as well as helping assemble a literal toolbox of useful materials to assist each individual in further managing stress, anxiety, and negative urges and emotions.

All PPAL trainings are FREE of charge to family members. All materials are copyrighted by PPAL.
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