Our family’s path to recovery from trauma

My children and I are currently in recovery after leaving a domestic violence situation back in 2010.  Both my children and I have PTSD, but we are on the path to recovery.  Both of my children also have high functioning autism, complicating treatment and their recovery.   It has been  (read more...)

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Mental Health Awareness Month

What Youth Are Saying

Growing up in surroundings so mental health and trauma based, I used to ask myself what is this for? Yes, I am getting treatment for a diagnosis that I had and I couldn’t help, but I still think about how my entire childhood and adolescent years had been taken up by trauma, negativity, and struggle. I had to stop and ask myself, “What can I do? What can I do to make up for all this lost time?” I found myself struggling to find any sort of redemption for actions I made and events I caused in the  (read more...)