My adoption, my mental health and my community support network

I was an African American child adopted by a white mother and there were several things that came up for me in my childhood.  They were things that a biological child may not have had to deal with. Some were easy to see and identify like the color of my  (read more...)

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What Youth Are Saying

My name is Elizabeth, and I am diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), Depression, and Bipolar Disorder. I found out I was having my son Michael at the age of fifteen. Although I knew I had depression and bipolar disorder, I was not diagnosed with BPD until after I had Michael. From my own personal experience, people don’t seem to take me seriously once they find out I am diagnosed with a mental health disorder, specifically BPD. If you type “BPD mothers” into any online search engine, all you get is hurtful articles about how horrible mothers with BPD  (read more...)