It still takes me by surprise when my now-young-adult children have been doing wonderful for weeks and months and then all of a sudden the signs start showing. Showers not happening, slow and fast speech and maybe a change in routine of medication or daily activities. As the parent I  (read more...)

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What Youth Are Saying

People say that growing up with a hard life makes you a hard and difficult individual.  One, that is absolutely not true.  Two it’s all in how you make life the way you choose it. I didn’t choose to be physically and sexually abused but I couldn’t control my birth parent’s ways, reactions and other addictions.  I guess being the oldest one of two, it just came that way. Also having to feed my baby brother as a toddler shouldn’t be the way stuff happens. Like I said, I couldn’t have all that control. I wish that kids, youth, young  (read more...)