3 things I’ve learned about fake news from mental health advocacy

I was plunged into the mental health world when my son was 7 and made his first suicide attempt.  I got him help, of course, but I needed to understand what was happening to him and to our family.  Overnight, I became a mental health researcher and devoured any and  (read more...)

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What Youth Are Saying

Whether or not you believe in a higher power, it should be general consensus that some things are outside the hands of God. This isn’t the case for everyone, including my mother. I started exhibiting signs of mental illness early on in my life, but received no help… instead we prayed. I would pray every morning and every night. Begging to feel better, begging for relief.  By the age of 12 I was experiencing severe mental health issues and the school stepped in and put me in therapy. My mother was still adamant that God was the only one  (read more...)