When the filters come off

I remember the day my son came home with his back a mass of cuts, bruises and blood.  He had just come out of several weeks of sadness, anguish and plans to kill himself.  Almost overnight, the dark cloud lifted and he was happier.  Then even happier, happier still, giddy,  (read more...)

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Building on Our Hopes and Dreams

What Youth Are Saying

Do you ever walk into a room and forget what you went in there for? Or maybe you’re mid-conversation with someone and your head slowly starts turning towards the television, even though you’ve probably seen that same episode a thousand times. ADHD is kind of like that but with a million more distractions. Sometimes from one room to another I’ll think of about thirty irrelevant and unrelated things, but I can only remember about 3 of them by the time I get to the next room and forgot what I went in there for. It’s really hard when someone  (read more...)