• Old me, new me, changed me

    Old me, new me, changed me

    Like most teen girls, I tried on different personal styles and borrowed cool things to say from books and television. Some just felt right and I kept them while others seemed jarring, even to me.  I learned what fit and even more, what made me feel more confident and easy …(Read More...)
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  • Social Anxiety, Change, and Me

    Social Anxiety, Change, and Me

    I’m terrified of change. Weird, right? It’s not that I don’t want things to change, especially if they’re negative. I just get scared. What if I try to plan everything out and something goes wrong? What if I end up looking like a fool? I would rather go to a familiar place than switch things around because people think it got “old.” Another thing I’m scared of is: what if I’m going to show something I did to somebody else, or present it in front of a class?! I would be so embarrassed. I absolutely hate reading out …(Read More...)