I only forget the little things. More or less.

“Oh, no!” I groaned inwardly.  “I can’t believe I forgot this again.”  The dentist’s office had just called to let me know that I was supposed to be there for my appointment.  I had intended to go, I’d even mentally reminded myself the day before.  But my son refused to  (read more...)

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What Youth Are Saying

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy over an ad that the company Gillette released on January 13, 2019. There is an argument that the commercial is making it so that men are soft and not the masculine figures so many believe that a man should be, while the subtitle of the ad is “The Best a Man Can Be.” The commercial depicts the very real emotions that men feel when toxic masculinity has become an unfortunate part of life as a man in the United States of America. It also shows examples of how this  (read more...)