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For Families

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Juvenile Justice Basics

Juvenile Justice 101
How do children enter the Juvenile Justice System? Learn essential information about the process, interactions with police, racial disparities and the impact on youth and families. 
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What to Know, What to Expect

Juvenile Justice 102
This workshop is for families whose children are entering, or have recently entered, the Juvenile Justice system. Learn how to work with the Department of Youth Services (DYS), what to expect in court, the commitment process, and how to support your youth returning home.
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Pre-Planning for a Mental Health Crisis

The Road to Readiness
This workshop is designed to give families a step-by-step  guide with tools, resources and strategies in order to be well prepared for a mental health crisis involving their children. 
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Moving Forward Together

Building a Foundation of Support
This workshop is designed to empower families with skills, knowledge, and resources to drive their child’s care, as well as build capacity to help with relationships and communication with a new group of professionals.