10th Annual Conference & Celebration

June 4, 2021

Holding Hands in Hard Times

Keynote Presentation

Embracing Shame & Courage to Find Hope & Balance
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Conference Workshop Presentations

Keynote Speaker

Andrea Berryman Childreth is a four-time, award-winning author of the book ON THE EDGE: Help and hope for parenting children with mental illness. The book journals her family’s personal experience raising a mentally ill daughter and the shame, stigma and challenges they faced, while hiding behind a mask of normalcy and feeling completely helpless and out of control at home. Additionally, it provides a realistic and practical guide to parenting a child with mental illness including common diagnoses, advice on navigating health insurance or the school system, and help with setting expectations at home.

She is founder of The Lemonade Project, a movement dedicated to calling out stigma surrounding mental illness and empowering families and individuals to share their stories, while improving access to equitable services and insurance coverage. She also started the program Champions of Change, which works with high school youth to openly discuss teen mental health and suicide, identify primary contributors and help create solutions. Additionally, Andrea coaches parents caring for mentally ill youth.

Since 2010, she has owned and operated Spotlight Marketing, a consulting firm in Medford, Oregon. She is married to Jeff and has two daughters, Chloe and Sophia.

Andrea Childreth

Keynote Speaker
Andrea Berryman Childreth

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