How to get a proclamation from your town/city in three easy steps:

Request a Proclamation!

  • Check your town/city’s website for an online form to submit to a proclamation request! (Tip: Google “City of [your city/town name] proclamation”)
  • If your town/city doesn’t have an online form, call the number listed for your Mayor or Town Executive’s office and request to speak with the Communications Director.
  • Send an email to the contact email address found on your community’s website. You can use this email template to save time!
  • Offer this proclamation template.
  • If possible, submit the request with enough time for the town/city to be in session before Children’s Mental Health Week.

When you request a proclamation, let us know!

Email and let us know the name of the city/town you requested the proclamation from!

When you receive a proclamation, send it to us!

Scan or photograph the proclamation and send it to
If you find out the approved proclamation will come after Children’s Mental Health Week, that’s okay — please just email us to let us know it’s still coming!

2023 Proclamations