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Our children’s mental health system had gaps and flaws before the pandemic. COVID-19 only made things worse. However, there are growing efforts to make improvements in schools, insurance, crisis care and family support.

Please join us at the Inside Track, a PPAL briefing and networking meeting to get updated on new and current resources, news, legislative changes and advocacy efforts that affect children, youth and families.

March 2024

Slides from March 2024

 PPAL's Question of the Month

Updated DESE Teacher Evaluation Standards

DESE Racial Equity Toolkit

School Attendance Data

Respite Innovations Grant

Caregiver to Caregiver/C2C Respite Network,is%20culturally%20and%20linguistically%20affirming

The Home For Little Wanderers Connected Families Respite (CFR) Program

House of Possibilities Inc. Respite

Emissary Health, Inc. Respite

Seven Hills Family Services Inc. Respite

Northeast Arc, Inc.  Respite

Boss Lady Sister LL - We Rock The Spectrum Care  Respite

Lifepath, Inc.  Respite

Riverside Community Care Inc, Riverside Caregivers SOAR: Sustainable Opportunities for Accessing Respite

Advocates Inc.  Respite

Boston Public Schools Funding

Complex Case Review

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January 2024

Slides from January 2024

What is Respite:

Respite Innovations Grant:

Caregiver 2 Caregiver Respite:,is%20culturally%20and%20linguistically%20affirming.

Now open to families:

DMH ED Diversion Initiative

Youth Villages Intercept ED Boarding

Tufts Intensive Hospital Diversion (ED Diversion):

Children’s Mental Health Campaign (CMHC):

Legislation: What Can I Do?

Legislation: Hearings and Testimony:

2023/4 legislation: where are we in the legislative process?

2023/24 Legislation part 2:

S.101 / H.134, An Act regarding families and children in need of assistance.

Current legislation:

Question of the Month

Media Requests:

November 2023

Slides from November 2023



Are you a parent/caregiver with direct experience with DCF reports made by your child's school?

Family Matters 1st, Movement for Family Power, and Boston University is conducting the study. Compensation Available.

Contact Andrew King

PPAL Media Requests:

Looking to hear from:

  • Families that have multi-agency involvement
  • (including court, CRA and other avenues)
  • Peer counseling experiences
  • Foster families willing to talk about waiting in ER and not getting assessed timely for mental health crises
  • Family experience with CBHCs (Community Behavioral Health Centers)
  • 988 and BHHL ( Behavioral Health Helpline)
  •  Have you used either? How is it working?
January 2023

Slides from January 2023


Networking Resources

September 2022

Slides from September 2022


Community Updates:

  • DMH Program for Acute Community Treatment (PACT) for Youth
  • FAMILIES NEEDED to speak to the following media about various Behavioral Health topics:
    • Boston Magazine, CBS News, WBUR, Boston Children's Hospital Behavioral Health Summit (in-person event)
    • Interested? contact:
  • Restraint and Seclusion Update–

Juvenile Justice Updates:

Policy Updates

  • ABC Mental Health Omnibus Bill
    • Online Portal to track BH Boarding and available beds (Session Law– Acts of 2022 Chapter 177- AN ACT ADDRESSING BARRIERS TO CARE FOR MENTAL HEALTH, SECTION 2, Section 16P) 
    • Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Program (Session Law– Acts of 2022 Chapter 177- AN ACT ADDRESSING BARRIERS TO CARE FOR MENTAL HEALTH, SECTION 4, Section 16FF)




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July 2022

Slides from July 2022


Supporting Students with Disabilities and Avoiding the Discriminatory Use of Student Discipline under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, July 2022:

988 resources:

Current Bills discussed:

DMH Community and School Therapeutic Support – Family Support

Networking Resources

Community resources: 

Project Bread: Free Meals For Kids in MA

Boston Public Schools Accessing MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT During Summer Break factsheet

Hand Hold MA


Karaya Peer Respite

Afiya Peer Respite


NAMI’s "Meet Little Monster" Children’s Mental Health Coloring & Activity Book

DMH’s Different Kinds of Hurt: Isaac’s Story

Wendy O’Leary’s THE MONSTER PARADE and other books

Job openings:

More Than Words Job Openings

Boston Public Schools Job Openings

The Support Network / Consortium Job Openings

PPAL Job Openings

Support Groups/ Trainings:

Autism Support Group Every Wednesday.

Youth Move MA Virtual Youth Group every first Tuesday of the month from 5:00pm-6:30pm-- email

Sibling support group–  

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